Nanna graduated from Denmark’s Royal Architecture School, with a bachelor in general architecture, and a masters in furniture design.

She works as a freelance for a number of contractors and primarily with private homes, which are to be renovated, restored and/or expanded. In addition, she does work as an interior decorator.

She finds her inspiration in everyday life and in her great love of art. She is fascinated by old buildings, full of history and heritage. She loves discovering, restoring, and optimizing them with great respect for existing architecture and its history.

Do contact her if you want a quote on a project, or just a quick meeting to discuss your dreams.



In order to discuss the general function of the logo, we must firstly identify and define the environment where this will have to fulfill its function. The environment is called brand and the definition is as follows: the brand is a collection of ideas and images, a collection that constitutes an undivided whole meant to transmit and sustain the values of a company, a product or a service.

As you have noticed, this definition has brought into discussion two defining elements: idea and image.

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